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 Towards the semantic web I

Searching the Internet: the creation of the personal semantic web

Internet is full of information; important, irrelevant, false or plain disinformation. However we want to to see it, Internet is a huge information storage that to everyone offers a usage perspective and, in the end, it becomes necessary to put some order on that part of the Internet that solves our information problems. The common practice (or the available solution) is to add the interesting URLs to "Favorites" or to save the HTML pages in the local computer, in the best cases in specific folders.

Being Knowledge Master ... a "Knowledge Master", one of its design requirements has been that of rendering it a complete technology, not only for knowledge representation and management, but also as a universal information and applications manager to support cognitive processes. This technology, at the service of:

"Knowledge Managers";

"knowledge workers";

knowledge engineers;


teachers, professors and instructors;



enables the inclusion of the Internet information to the processes of retrieval, preservation, valorization and sharing of information (destined to the knowledge management cycle), useful to specialists, companies, schools of every level and colleges, and research centers, all of them entities where "knowledge is managed".

To achieve these results, the map (or semantic network) selected concepts are used as a search key in any search engine. The effect is that the search resulting pages can be saved (physically or their URLs) associated to the "concepts" that serve as descriptors of their contents: this way, everyone can construct his or her personal cognitive and graphical map of the Web, of that part of the web that has a meaning for the user's professional or personal scopes, and keeping this "subweb" organized and indexed in a cognitive manner. To access later these documents, just locate the corresponding "concepts".

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