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 Categorization - I

Categorization has a fundamental role in learning design (a function that is already present in very little children), and therefore has a first order role in knowledge representation, in concept maps/semantic networks construction and analysis. Being Knowledge Master a cognitive psychology based concept maps technology, conceptual categorization (and concept types), has an essential role in maps construction and analysis, because it brings technology closer to the way in which the mind represents and processes information.

Concept categorization

is a central topic in cognitive psychology, in linguistics, and in philosophy, but it is crucial precisely in learning. Concept categorization enables the student to classify (or to recognize the classification of) objects or concepts that belong to a group. This characteristic accelerates the thinking process, favors the immediate selective perception (it is a graphic, or better "multimodal", representation) and facilitates generalization and learning.

Conceptual categories are higher order concepts, and they express the specific role of concepts in their contexts, and in concept mapping they are visual elements relevant to analysis, even with a subliminal effect. Given a category, which are the characteristics and attributes of all objects it comprises?

Categorization, together with processing and analogical reasoning, has a special role in the inference of non-explicit information, that the learner can infer from what he/she has seen and/or heard.

Concept categorization:

is an information strategy (human beings are mainly information processors);

is a useful mode of considering things in an  inclusive and general mode, and even though still being able to recognize the differences between them;

has an effect of cognitive economy, in referring common attributes to different objects;

has a role in the functioning of  human memory, in the simplified storage of information;

includes stimuli processing, construction activation;

it is also an answer to information overload.

At the same time categorization is an activation process of knowledge and of its construction. Even relation types can be categorized.

Knowledge Master's implementation of concept categorization in concept maps analysis and construction is materialized in concept types management.

Categorization is a main function of conceptualization.


Categorization and vertical thinking: Click here for an insight on concept categorization!



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