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Color  is a powerful resource in any visual communication language. The rational use of color prevents monotony, renders almost any presentation pleasant, and stimulates the perception of regularity. 

For instance, in concept maps, that are also  visual learning tools, a careful use of color exalts communicative and cognitive power, intrinsic to this technology.

The color wheel at intervals

Every color of the wheel is a "tone". Contiguous wheel tones, that share the same sub-tones (e.g. red, orange red, orange) are harmonic.

Opposed wheel tones (e.g.  red  and  green ) are complementary, or opposed tones. Used together, they produce contrast.

The combinations of colors placed at the vertices of the  triangle, that involve three tones equally distant (e.g. red, yellow  and  blue ) are combined in a vivid and contrasting mode. The triangle can be rotated to find other combinations.

The continuous color wheel 
Here beside another color wheel, represented in continuous mode, with all possible colors, it is, those colors that this video, in this computer and this browser, can show.


.kkkkkkkk Every color vividly contrasts with the opposed color in the ring and harmonizes with neighboring colors. In this case they are called complementary colors
The effect of text color over a colored background

I you write on a colored background, as in the image beneath, the resulting visual effect will be better in function of the measure of contrast between both colors.

When the background color is used to write with the same color, writing is indistinguishable.



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