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Knowledge Master for teaching and learning
Knowledge Master - Interactive, multimedia, engaging, with voice: an advanced approach to concept mapping!

A learning and teaching concept mapping technology, valid in whichever activity, at any grade or level, at any age.

A software based on the fundamentals of teaching and learning, KM emulates the processes of student - teacher communication. Its high degree of automation enables the easy induction of thinking processes, of memory and human communication.

The outcome is a reduction of the necessary effort to achieve a deep and long lasting learning for the student and a reduction of the necessary teacher's work and time in the teaching process, Knowledge Master facilitates lessons and presentations, either for teaching in presence or for distance learning.

New: Experimentation: Knowledge Master has been formally experimented with dyslexics

New: The autistic student and learning: successful experience.

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Official experimentation by MPI*: success beyond expectations
Knowledge Master has been experimented for several months in some schools selected by the Ministry's Automation Division. KM has proven to be a particularly effective educational software at all ages, even with special needs.

PI: Ministry of Education (Italy).

The easiest and most effective way to carry on home schooling!

Special needs

The state of the art in solutions to learning with special needs. KM has been thoroughly proved and experimented in cases of specific learning needs: dyslexia, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), autism (Asperger, hyperlexia and others), working memory issues...

Knowledge Master has been used for years, and has been experimented with dyslexics and children affected with ADD. Many functions in KM have been included to improve interaction with contents to be learned. Maps can also be created interactively from a digital text file.

Not being a software specifically for "disable" students, it has a positive influence on school integration.

Knowledge Master is also being used as a tool for cognitive therapy.

KM's contribution to speech therapy.

Knowledge Master Corporation  participates in projects related to learning impairments and/or special needs.

Visit the page: KM features for special needs.


Due to all of its innovative methods, supporting the teacher's work, KM is a powerful resource for homeschooling


Innovation in KM, tutorial functions:

 - intelligent use of voice
 ----Vocal synthesis service in several languages to augment motivation and perception, support for special needs and also useful for language learning.
- automatic assessment questions
---- KM never gets tired
- paths
----  the map explains itself!

 - Which is most important concept?, the one that we must learn..

 - categorize for understanding

 - and, how was this map created?


Knowledge Master in organizations: productivity tools and resources for business intelligence. Integrated management of knowledge, information and data: calculate with knowledge
Knowledge management in organizations has the goal of raising competitive advantage and permanence of the company in the market

Knowledge Master is an integral solution to knowledge management needs in organizations (companies, NGO's, government, consulting firms, non-profit organizations, etc.) Besides knowledge management, KM is the most complete tool to gather information and data  that permit  building the company's (or any other type of organization) knowledge base.

The first goal of knowledge management is organizational learning, and it is precisely KM's function in an organization, to stimulate organizational learning.

Knowledge Master  uses cognitive maps to construct the necessary knowledge for knowledge management, for project management, to develop creativity and innovation in the enterprise, to assure the knowledge manager's work, for organizational learning, and for brainstorming in the enterprise.

Other sectors which organizations profit from using KM are those dedicated to legal knowledge and those dedicated to knowledge management in libraries (also known as "knowledge organization"). This term also includes information centers and special libraries.

The integration of Knowledge Master with Internet enables the export of cognitive maps (or knowledge bases) to Internet, for sharing knowledge and associated information. This integration also permits the creation of our own map of Internet as an output of navigation and searching: build your own map of Internet.

For the best knowledge management experience, Knowledge Master integrates data structures and access to ODBC databases with knowledge, ideal for project management, knowledge management and business intelligence analyses.

The alternative of exporting knowledge base contents to some of the most used exchange formats (Word, XML, HTML, XTM [topic maps], CSV, etc.) enables reusing enterprise knowledge in other programs or containers.

KM's cognitive interface eases the access to Internet objects, to documents and data bases, makes KM a solution for a contents management system [CMS] in client support services

Conceptual knowledge bases created with KM make up an easily searchable base to support decision making, meeting syntheses and for the several stages of company brainstorming and to ease knowledge based presentations.

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Legal knowledge characteristics and the advantage of knowledge management methods and strategies simplify teaching law matters with KM.

Knowledge Master offers the necessary tools for the knowledge management and business intelligence convergence.

Project Management with knowledge management techniques and strategies.    
Creating and using conceptual knowledge bases

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