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What is RSS?

RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) is "a method of describing news or other Web content that is available for 'feeding'... from an online publisher to Web users.”  It's a lightweight XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content. Think of it as a distributable "What's New" for your site.

In other words, instead of having to go out and check your favorite Web sites for updates, you simply install an RSS news reader (or "aggregator") on your computer, link to any Web site that has an RSS feed, and you will be automatically notified of any updates to the Web site. RSS has been around for years, but has grown in popularity recently due its use by news sites and bloggers.

And now the Knowledge Master sites have their RSS feed!

Install an RSS news reader and KM RSS Feed

If you're an old hand at RSS, add the KM RSS Feed to your reader.

New to RSS? No problem! You simply need to install an RSS news reader onto your computer, then copy and paste the Knowledge Master feed Manager into your news reader (http://www.knowledgemanager.us/rss/KnowledgeManager-eng.rss).

There are many readers available, and most are freeware or shareware:

After setting up a your news reader you will be able to use the KM RSS.

punto elenco

PC users can find a list of news readers (with links to download) and extensive review comments at PC World

punto elenco

Mac users can find a list of readers (with download links) at VersionTracker.com.

punto elenco

To subscribe the Knowledge Master RSS feed with Internet Explorer v. 7:

  punto elencoClick the icon "".  Click the link "Subscribe the feed".

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