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  Learning technologies and techniques
Knowledge Master, an advanced concept mapping tool
based on knowledge management

Learning itself is naturally constrained by the cognitive and psychological characteristics of human perception, comprehension and thinking. An effective learning technology needs to be based on human learning and cognitive processes.

Knowledge Master is designed on concepts and methods from human-computer interaction, cognitive psychology, human factors, artificial intelligence and psycholinguistics. Its success is due to its extraordinary  capacity of adaptation to the learner's needs and modern communication resources.

While the  traditional concept mapping techniques fall short of supporting deep and accelerated learning, distance learning, or the inclusive classroom, knowledge management methods and strategies on concept maps enable deep interaction with knowledge. Special attention is paid to the student-computer dialog, independently of age or contents.

The shift in information transmission media (from printed to electronic) has made it necessary to educate in the interpretation of images and visual representations, to visual learning (even though this is usually instinctive), but to follow the rhythm of modern evolution, more than transferring information, it is necessary to stimulate creativity and the ability of autonomous orientation, personal thinking abilities, but also the ability of collaborating with others.


KM innovation offers an easy to use set of automatic functions to assist teachers and students in the organization and management of knowledge. Asking questions or having the map animated even with voice is only a click away.

Real time network collaboration stimulates group work and social interaction, home schooling and hospital schooling.


The way in which knowledge is managed in Knowledge Master  concept maps and knowledge bases, very similar to that in which knowledge is stored and retrieved in the human mind, unquestionably puts this software  among the most advanced educational tools, and renders it an ideal tool for:

visual learning
active learning
collaborative learning

real time network collaboration

special needs learning

Knowledge Master can be used any grade level, from the first steps of reading through college, home... and in any other learning environment.

Knowledge Master has been successfully experimented with dyslexics, ADDs and students with working memory issues.

There is a constant growth in the use of Knowledge Master in all activities that need to represent, use and manage knowledge, in all learning environments, personal, school or organizational.

Use powerful search functions to locate terms in concept names or descriptive texts, to locate categories or to steer across the map, learning!

Integration with Internet: Search in Internet from the map to store results.

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Knowledge management methods and cognitive voice service applied to learning with:

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punto elencoADD

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