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 The social construction and sharing of knowledge
Real time cognitive collaboration

Technical features

Knowledge management at a distance
Knowledge base automatic synchronization
Monitored or non monitored sessions
Face-to-face tutoring through the webcam
Instant group messaging
Users detailed statistics
Knowledge sharing in cognitive format
Ease of management and configuration
High level encryption
Synchronous / asynchronous collaboration
Works with Knowledge Master


Real time creation and update, in local area network or through the Internet, by several users of:

mind maps
concept maps
semantic networks
interactive knowledge base



A further step in knowledgeware development


Cognitive brainstorming
Collaborative learning
Cooperative learning
Home schooling
Hospital schooling
Distance learning
Learning communities
Real time cognitive assessment
Group learning
Project learning
Critical analysis

Business / Research

Cognitive brainstorming
Collective knowledge management
Decision making and exploring options
Model testing and verification
Project management
Cognitive level collaboration
Joint report production
Case study - problem solving
Conceptual development and insight



the concept map in Internet ? the concept map of Internet ?
or the concept map
over Internet ?




There's no need for a web server, a simple computer is enough.

Easy installation and management.

Not sequential or parallel versions, but full synchronization!




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