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  Knowledge Master: the concept mapping software

All our courses have been transferred to Knowledge Management International University

Knowledge Master is a software specially projected:

to communicate ideas
for knowledge creation
for visual learning
for knowledge representation

for intelligent knowledge management

to reduce complexity to its minimum


Online Course: Knowledge Management in Organizations

Online course: Educational innovation for the different learning styles (dyslexia, ADD, autism, etc.)

Application fields  
Knowledge Master is a powerful tool for creating mind maps, concept maps, semantic maps, semantic networks, diagrams and conceptual knowledge bases, with a rich set of functions and a very intuitive interface, that eases concept treasuring and active and interactive knowledge management.

Creating knowledge bases enables knowledge organization in educational organizations and research environments as well, due to its simplicity and functional completeness also used in the publishing field to integrate text books.

Knowledge Master, the best tool for visual learning, active learning and collaborative learning, also allows the connection of Internet and local multimedia documents to concepts, completing with other functions the integration of knowledge and information access and management for studying and working. For distance learning and lifelong learning, Knowledge Master conceptual knowledge bases are the natural and more efficient method.

Who are Knowledge Master users?
Concept maps are used in a wide variety of disciplines because of their ability to explicit a complex knowledge structure and because of their capacity to efficiently present a knowledge body in a more conspicuous and simple way.
Concept maps are an excellent interactive and conceptual interface for books and digital publishing, to represent internal organization and contents.

In the educational sector field, teachers instructors and professors and students professors to improve teaching and learning.

In distance learning it is an irreplaceable tool because it enables exchange between instructors and students at conceptual level, interactively.
Cognitive interfaces demonstrate their excellence over informative interfaces, also for  distance learning and for lifelong learning.

In the business world, whoever must communicate ideas and manage knowledge individually or in group, and for brainstorming.

The modern company, competitive and rampant, uses it for cognitive capital management, to convert tacit knowledge in explicit, to represent and manage procedures and projects, as an a cognitive interface to its own information system.


The library, traditional or digital, uses KM for project management and for knowledge organization: As a matter of fact, semantic networks have demonstrated to be much superior to thesaurus; there many reasons that favor the use of semantic networks in libraries, from the graphical interface to the plasticity of knowledge organization, representation and management.


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