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About Knowledge Master Corporation

Knowledge Technologies

All our courses have been transferred to Knowledge Management International University


Our company manages and actively participates in several knowledge management research, development and experimentation projects all around the world. These projects focus on solutions to learning:

  • personal learning

  • group learning

  • enabling learning with special needs

  • organizational learning

  • business intelligence

  • cognitive publishing


Our main scope is to furnish innovative state of the art solutions for learning, knowledge management in business, information services and collaboration networks. Special attention is given to provide solutions for the learning impaired.

Multilingual support renders our technologies transnational and universal.


To be a wide world reference in knowledge management, learning technologies and cognitive publishing and in this way influence the people's quality of life and social development.


Our clients are people and organizations engaged in knowledge management activities:

  • teachers and instructors

  • lecturers and professors

  • students of all levels

  • researchers

  • kids and elders with special needs,

  • business managers and analysts

  • psychologists and psychiatrists

  • knowledge integrators

  • Knowledge Managers

  • knowledge engineers

  • lawyers

  • project leaders and managers

  • information professionals

  • physicians and nursing students


  • The practical verification of the "knowledge management unicity" concept.

  • The production of software technology (Knowledge Master) useful with high efficacy in any activity:

  • personal, group, distance  learning.

  • learning with special needs:

- dyslexia

- ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

- memory issues

- autism.

  • organizational learning

  • business intelligence

  • knowledge management in organizations (enterprise, government, law office, consultancy, etc.

  • Cognitive publishing

The company

We are an international research and development company with headquarters and main branch in Miami, Florida, USA. The result of an international integration of several companies and specialists dedicated to cognitive science and related technologies.

We work in all sectors of society.

How to contact us:

Knowledge Master Corp.

473 Falcon Drive

Miami Springs, FL, USA



By e-mail

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Core values

Four principles integrate our value: Knowledge, ethics, work and progress.

Knowledge is the conscience man has about the universe, nature and life. With knowledge, man can propose to himself new challenges. knowledge is the light that gives us the possibility of choosing our own way.

Ethics is the art of correctness and good behavior.

Work is the application of human abilities and force (reason, feelings and will) to achieve a purpose.

Progress is moving ahead, evolution, civilization and development.

Our value is based on the construction of knowledge, on ethical conscience, on the force of work to contribute to human progress.



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