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Teaching and learning with concept maps

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We are presenting, in bookshops in Italy and directly from us, through the Internet, written by Dr. Forte (head of the Knowledge Master project):

 "Insegnare e apprendere con le mappe concettuali"  
(Teaching and learning with concept maps)

  published by Immedia Editrice, Milan (ISBN: 88-8464-117-9, 168 pp, format 21 x 28,5 cm, color prints).

The Spanish language version:

Mapas conceptuales. La gestión del conocimiento en la didáctica (2nd edition)
(Concept maps. Knowledge management in education)

is already in the bookshops of the world

(ISBN: 970-15-1076-3, 296 pp)

Following the success of the Italian version, the updated Spanish language edition is already being distributed by the publisher: Alfaomega Grupo Editor (www.alfaomega.com.mx) of Mexico City for the Spanish speaking world.

it is a book that specifically deals with concept maps, one of the more interesting educational tools nowadays available; the book is aimed at teachers, lecturers, professors, instructors, instruction designers and school board members engaged in developing their own professional abilities, and to effectively update education and to enhance learning.

The author can be contacted at

This book, written in a simple but rigorous language, is an interesting analysis of fundamental concepts of the theories behind learning with concept maps.

The book presents useful examples and tips o how this technique can be used in school based education, and as well in autonomous learning (lifelong learning or "distance learning") directly by students.

In fact, other graphical knowledge representation and hypermedia methods are briefly examined.

These methods, developed in the last decades with different scopes, are currently used as specialized computer tools, and with different results in learning and teaching: that of knowledge based knowledge based concept mapping is surely the more effective, flexible and complete, and enables a real growth inn learning.

The method is specially enjoyable and fruitful if applied with the exemplified software, one of the few applications specifically projected  and developed for teaching and learning activities. 

The school system as a whole can profit of this innovative techniques, in order to organize courses or in everyday teaching, comprised evaluations and assessments.


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