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 Special for educational institutions!!


To educational institutions and colleges (of any kind), and also for autonomously organized learning and teaching groups, interested in using Knowledge Master as a teaching/learning tool, as indicated in the School offer, license packages are offered, at exceptionally discounted prices (from  35% to 20% of the standard license price, proportioned to quantities). 

To have an estimate, group leaders may complete the information card bellow, that is also worth as Free estimate request. 

You are invited to specify any additional information and eventual particular  requests related to the specific work/study field; then click on "Send request".

Afterwards, if wanted, you can download a complete version of Knowledge Master to your computer and install it, simply clicking on the downloaded KM-Setup.exe file. 

Follow the activation procedure, indicating if the temporary evaluation request is wanted.



School offer for school, college and other educational organizations

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VAT code:   

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Zip code:   
Country: (*)  
Name: (*)  
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Qty. of institutional licenses, to install at the institution:  

Qty. of student external licenses:        (**)

Qty. of teacher external licenses:       (**)

Additional information or specific questions:

Asterisk (*) marked fields are obligatory.

** Licenses indicated as "external" are for students and teachers.

Clicking the "Send request" button, you agree that your personal data will be treated as considered in the Italian personal data privacy law.


N.B. This information, in observance of the Italian Law about private data protection, will not be stored in any of our Internet sites - and therefore out of the reach of non authorized persons -, will not be ceded to others, nor exchanged in anyway, but only used for this service. 


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